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SUBJECT:     DSP with FPGAs book resources

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Books and Services by Dr. Uwe Meyer-Baese


1) DSP with FPGAs (3. edition) ISBN: 978-3-540-72612-8

   [Contents] [Ch.1] [Preface] [Errata]

2) DSP with FPGAs (2. edition) ISBN: 3-540-21119-5

   [Details]  [Contents] [Review] [Ch.1]  [Preface] [Errata]

   [Quartus Examples] [APEX Examples] [Stratix Examples]

3) DSP with FPGAs (1. edition) ISBN: 3-540-41341-3

   [Details]  [Contents] [Review] [Ch.1]  [Preface] [Errata]

   [Quartus Examples] [APEX Examples] [Stratix Examples]

4) Fast Digital Signal Processing (in German) ISBN: 3-540-67662-7

5) Receiver Design with FPGAs (in German) ISBN:3-18-340410-9 Download free PDF here


Also available:


1) DSP with FPGAs: VHDL Solution Manual 3/e with CD   NEW 12/2010

    [Details]  [Contents]  [memult] Order Ring Binding version (ISBN 0975549456) that folds flat for $279 from the author here
    Order for $299 Perfect Binding (ISBN 0-975549448) Manual from

2) DSP with FPGAs: VHDL Solution Manual 1/e with CD   ISBN 0-9755494-9-9

    [Details]  [Contents]  Available for $199 from

3) DSP with FPGAs: Xilinx ISE Labmanual $299   ISBN 0-9755494-6-4

    [Details]  [Contents]  [Examples] Order CD for only $149  here

4) DSP with FPGAs: Altera MatLab/Simulink Labmanual $299   ISBN 0-9755494-7-2

    [Details]  [Contents]  [LMS Example] [8 Labs] Order CD for $149  here

5) DSP with FPGAs: Xilinx MatLab/Simulink Labmanual $299   ISBN 0-9755494-8-0

    [Details]  [Contents] [LMS Example] [8 Labs] Order CD for only $149  here



1) Consulting $99 per hour or $499 per day

2) Obfuscation for VHDL, Verilog and C code

2) Floating-point design library

3) CSD, RAG, MAG, DA filter design generation service

4) Code generation for DCT, DFT, FFT, CORDIC


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