Taira Lab - Computational Fluid Dynamics

Our group studies a variety of fluid mechanics problems with research interests in the areas of computational fluid dynamics, flow control, network theory, and unsteady aerodynamics. Our studies leverage numerical simulations performed on high-performance computers.

Point of Contact: Kunihiko Taira
Mechanical Engineering, Florida A&M University/Florida State University
email: ktaira[at]fsu.edu, tel: +1-850-645-0140, office: AME 216, lab: AME 107, map: pdf
CV: [pdf], Google Scholar: [link]

We are looking for future members (undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels) interested in joining our group to tackle challenging and interesting fluid mechanics problems. Students interested in joining our lab as a graduate research assistant should apply through [link]. For postdoctoral (usually limited) and undergraduate positions, please email Prof. Taira. Interested applicants should have a strong background covering fluid mechanics, applied mathematics, and computer programming.

Current members:

Kunihiko (Sam) Taira, Ph.D.

PI, Associate Professor [CV]

Ph.D. 2008, M.S. 2003 (California Institute of Technology); B.S. 2002 (University of Tennessee, Knoxville).

Research interests: CFD, flow control, unsteady aerodynamics, network theory.

Qiong Liu, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate 2016-

Ph.D 2016, M.S. 2014 (U Politécnica de Madrid); M.S. 2011 (Northwestern Polytechnical U); B.S. 2008 (Shenyang Aerospace U).

Research interests: Flow stability, transition, flow control.

Kai Zhang, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate 2017-

Ph.D 2017, M.S. 2014 (Yokohama National Univ); B.S. 2011 (Xi'an Jiao Tong Univ).

Research interests: Aerodynamics, flow induced vibrations, flow control.

Chi-An Yeh, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate 2018-; Graduate Research Assistant 2013-2018

Ph.D. 2018 (Florida State U); M.S. 2010 (National Taiwan U); B.S. 2006 (National Chiao Tung U).

Research interests: Flow stability/control, unsteady aero.

Aditya Nair

Graduate Research Assistant (Ph.D.) 2013-

M.S. 2012 (University of Michigan); B.E. 2011 (Mumbai University).

Research interests: CFD, network theory, hydrodynamic stability, model reduction.

Muralikrishnan Gopalakrishnan Meena

Graduate Research Assistant (Ph.D.) 2015-

B.Tech. 2014 (Cochin University of Science and Technology).

Research interests: Network theory, flow control, reduced-order modeling, turbulence.

Jean Helder Marques Riberiro

Graduate Research Assistant (Ph.D.) 2018-

M.S. 2017 (University of Campinas); B.S. 2014 (Federal University of Minas Gerais).

Research interests: CFD, modal analysis.

Caroline Walker

Graduate Research Assistant (M.S.) 2018-; Undergraduate Research Assistant 2017-18.

B.S. 2018 (Florida State University).

Research interests: Aeroelasticity, aerodynamics.

Orion Yeung

Undergraduate Research Assistant 2017-

Research interests: CFD, network theory.

Brener d'Lélis Oliveira Ramos

Visiting Graduate Student 2018

From University of Campinas.

B.E. 2017 (University of Campinas).

Research interests: CFD, numerical methods, LES, unsteady aerodynamics, transition.

Past members (Postdocs/Graduate Students/Visitors):

Yiyang Sun, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate 2017-18; Graduate Research Assistant 2012-17

Ph.D. 2017 (Florida State Univ); B.S. 2012 (Huazhong University of Science and Technology).

Research interests: CFD, LES, flow control, hydrodynamic stability.

Byungjin An, Ph.D.

Visiting Scholar 2018

From Ebara Corporation.

Research interests: CFD, flow control.

Matthew Jemison, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate 2014-16

Ph.D. 2014, M.S. 2011, B.S. 2009 (Florida State University).

Research interests: CFD, fluid-structure interaction, immersed boundary methods.

Alejandro Rivera-Alvarez, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Associate 2014-15

Research interests: Stability analysis, networks.

Paul Miles, Ph.D.

Graduate Research Assistant 2013-17

(Co-advised by Prof. Oates)

B.S. 2013 (Grove City College).

Research interests: uncertainty quantification, fluid structure interaction, viscoelasticity.

Phillip Munday, Ph.D.

Graduate Research Assistant 2011-17

Ph.D. 2017, B.S. 2011 (Florida State University).

Research interests: CFD, LES, flow control, hydrodynamic stability.

Swagnik Guhathakurta

Graduate Research Assistant 2017

M.S. 2015 (University of Florida); M.Sc. 2013 (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi); B. Sc. 2011 (Fergusson College, Pune).

Research interests: CFD, multiphase-flow.

Ryan Jantzen

Graduate Research Assistant 2012-14

M.S. 2014, B.S. 2012 (Florida State University).

Research interests: Unsteady aerodynamics, vortex dynamics.

Past members (Undergraduate Students):

Tyler Pilet

NSF-REU Student 2017

Research interests: Bubble dynamics.

Asiegbu Kanu-Asiegbu

NSF-REU Student 2016

Research interests: Martian aerodynamics.

Peter Van Brussel

Undergraduate Research Assistant 2015

Research interests: Synthetic jets.

Brandon Gusto

Undergraduate Research Assistant 2014-2015

Research interests: Asymptotic methods.

Daniel Canuto

Undergraduate Research Assistant/NSF-REU Student 2013-2014

Research interests: Compressible cylinder flow.

Matthew Boebinger

NSF-REU Student 2014

(Co-advised by Prof. Shih)

Research interests: Biological locomotion.

John-Paul Milton

NSF-REU Student 2014

(Co-advised by Prof. Alvi)

Research interests: Swirling jets.

Colby Borchetta

Undergrad Research Assistant/NSF-REU Student 2012-2013

Research interests: Unsteady aerodynamics.

Bereket Abraham

NSF-REU Student 2012

Research interests: Unsteady bluff body flows.

Casey Brown

Undergraduate Research Assistant 2012

Research interests: Unsteady aerodynamics.