LES of turbulent flow modified by high-intensity acoustic waves (from Yeh et al. 2015).

Point of Contact: Kunihiko Taira
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Florida A&M University/Florida State University
2003 Levy Avenue, AME Research Center, Tallahassee, Florida 32310
email: ktaira[at]fsu.edu, tel: +1-850-645-0140
office: AME 216, lab: AME 107
CV: [pdf], Google Scholar: [link]

3D printed vortices around pitching flat-plate wings.
FSU AME Research Center

Our group studies a variety of fluid mechanics problems with CFD (computational fluid dynamics). We are located in the AME Research Building on the Engineering Campus at the Florida State University.

Low-Re compressible flow around a triangular airfoil (from Munday et al. 2014).

Research interests
Computational fluid dynamics
Active flow control
Unsteady aerodynamics
Vortex dynamics
Hydrodynamic stability
Fluid-structure interaction
Graph theory/network analysis

Graph-theoretic approach to vortex dynamics (from Nair and Taira, 2014).

Group members
Kunihiko Taira
   (Assistant professor, [CV], ktaira[at]fsu.edu)
Matthew Jemison
   (Postdoctoral research associate, 2014-)
Alejandro Rivera-Alvarez
   (Postdoctoral research associate, 2014-)
Phillip Munday
   (Graduate research assistant, Ph.D., 2011-)
Yiyang Sun
   (Graduate research assistant, Ph.D., 2012-)
Aditya Nair
   (Graduate research assistant, Ph.D., 2013-)
Chi-An Yeh
   (Graduate research assistant, Ph.D., 2013-)
Paul Miles
   (Graduate research assistant, Ph.D., 2013-, co-advised with Prof. Oates)
Peter Van Brussel
   (Undergraduate research assistant, B.S.-M.S., 2014-)
Brandon Gusto
   (Undergraduate research assistant, B.S., 2014-)

Group meeting, July 3, 2014.

Past members
Daniel Canuto (Undergraduate RA/NSF-REU student, 2013-14; currently at UCLA)
Matthew Boebinger (NSF-REU student, 2014, co-advised with Prof. Shih)
John-Paul Milton (NSF-REU student, 2014, co-advised with Prof. Alvi)
Ryan Jantzen (Graduate RA-M.S., 2012-14; currently at Jacobs Technology)
Colby Borchetta (Undergrad RA/NSF-REU student, 2012-13; currently at U. Kentucky)
Bereket Abraham (NSF-REU student, 2012; currently at AppNexas)
Casey Brown (Undergraduate RA, 2012; currently at US Navy)

Vortical structures around a pitching flat plate (from Jantzen et al. 2014).

Prof. Yoichiro Tamori (National Institute of Genetics, Japan, 2015)
Masaki Okochi (graduate student, Tohoku Univ, 2013)
Tetsuya Suwa (graduate student, Tohoku Univ, 2012)

Farrukh Alvi (Florida A&M/Florida State University)
Keisuke Asai (Tohoku University)
Shervin Bagheri (Royal Institute of Technology, KTH)
Guillaume Bres (Cascade Technologies)
Louis Cattafesta (Florida A&M/Florida State University)
Kenneth Granlund (Air Force Research Laboratory)
Melissa Green (Syracuse University)
Takeo Kajishima (Osaka University)
Rajan Kumar (Florida A&M/Florida State University)
Matthew Munson (Army Research Laboratory)
Daiju Numata (Tohoku University)
William Oates (Florida A&M/Florida State University)
Michael Ol (Air Force Research Laboratory)
Yoichiro Tamori (National Institute of Genetics, Japan)
Lawrence Ukeiley (University of Florida)

US Air Force Office of Scientific Research
US Army Research Office
US Air Force Research Laboratory (ASEE summer research)
US DoD HPCMP (computer time)
Florida State University, Creative Research Council

2014 Attendee, Frontiers of Engineering Education, National Academy of Engineering
2013 Young Investigator Award, Air Force Office of Scientific Research
2013 Research Excellence Award, College of Engineering, FAMU-FSU
2012 First Year Assistant Professor Award, FSU
2008 Richard Bruce Chapman Memorial Award, Caltech
1999 John M. Allen Mathematics Prize, 1st place, Univ. Tenn.

Turbulent open cavity flow from LES (Sun 2015).

2015 (Spring): EML4930, Numerical methods for engineers (undergraduate)
2014 (Fall): EML5930, Computational Fluid Dynamics (graduate)
2014 (Spring): EML4930, Numerical methods for engineers (undergraduate)
2013 (Fall): EML5709, Fluid mechanics (graduate)
2013 (Spring): EML5930, CFD for incompressible flows (graduate)
2012 (Fall): EML5709, Fluid mechanics (graduate)
2012 (Spring): EML5930, CFD for incompressible flows (graduate)
2011 (Fall): EML5709, Fluid mechanics (graduate)