Research Group Members

Current Students

  1. Jamie Gomez, "Electroless-Electrolytic Binder-free Electrodes for Electrochemical Power Sources", Ph.D. expected 2013
  2. Shannon Anderson, "Zero-valent Metal Environmental Catalysis of TCE", Ph.D. expected 2014
  3. Valesha Scott (Co-Chair), "Patterned Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC)", Ph.D. expected 2013
  4. Oyidia Elendu, (Co-Chair), "Inflence of preparation method on the performance of Ni-based catalyst on Al2O3 substrate for methane autothermal reaction", Ph.D. expected 2016

Thesis & Dissertation Directed

  • Aruna Kuraganti, "Feasibility Study of One-step Fully Adaptive Plating Technique for Electronic Inter-connect Applications", - 1998
  • Renata Itoe, "Analysis of Simultaneous Oxygen Reduction and Methanol Oxidation Processes in a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell", - 1999
  • Huei-Hsin Chen, "Characterization and Nanostructure Analysis of Electrodeposited CuInSe2 Thin Film for Applications in Flexible Solar Cells", - 2006
  • Leelarani Katam, "Hydrogen Generation from Sodium Borohydride using Polymer-stabilized Catalyst", 2007
  • Shamalee Whitelocke, "Electrocatalysis of oxygen reduction in Fuel Cells: Tungsten Oxide Substrate Stability", - 2009
  • Tiffany Long, "Electroless deposited composite zero-valent metal nanoparticles for thermotherapy applications, - 2012

Postdoctoral Fellows & Scholars Supervised

  • M.D. Reyes-Tolosa, "Corrosion of metalized Ceramics", 2009
  • Rakap Murat, "Hydrolysis of ammonia borane for hydrogen generation", 2010

Directed Undergraduate Research Program & Projects

  1. Terry Ake, "Study of Transport Parameters of Diatomic Oxygen in a Sulfuric Acid/Methanol Mixture", 1997
  2. Tochi Nwoga, "Thermal Treatment of Electrodeposited Nickel-Hydroxide Film", 1999
  3. Yolanda Stokes, "Electroextraction of Citric Acid", 1996
  4. Arlissa Lee, "Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Nickel Metal: A Modeling Approach", 1996
  5. Francesco Whittenberger, " Heart Defibrillation", 1996
  6. Corey Hayes, "Mechanisms of Heart Fibrillation", 1996
  7. Robert Bell, "Infuence of Phosphorus on the Corrosion Properties of Electrodeposited CoFeCu Soft Magnetic Thin Films", 2000
  8. Gretchen Achenbach, "Structural and Compositional Studies of Electrochemically Deposited and Thermally Optimized Nickel Hydroxide Thin Films", 2000
  9. Tanya Hicks Tanya Hicks, "Numerical Simulations of Calcium Current in a Single Cardiac Cell", 2001
  10. Monique Dupree, "Electrodeposition and Characterization of CuInSe thin Films for Solar Cell Applications", 2003
  11. Abdulsomad Shaba, "Electroless Synthesis and Characterization of zero-valent metal-alloy composites", 2004
  12. Paul Chin-Fook, "Numerical Simulations of Calcium Current in cardiac Cell", 2004
  13. Celina Dozier, "Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer-stabilized zero valent metal nanoparticles for TCE dechlorination", 2007
  14. D. Foxx, "Fabrication and Characterization of glucose biosensor based on polymer-stabilized transition metal nanoparticles", 2007
  15. Diana Gomez, "A study of Glucose Oxidase Biofuel Cell", 2008
  16. Kristine Ramos, "Synthesis and Characterization of Methanol-Tolerant Oxygen Electrocatalyst", 2008
  17. A. C. Aofolaju, "Deposition of CuIn(SeGa)2 for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Generation", 2006
  18. Mimi Daniel, "Cyclic Voltammetry Study of the Role of Glucose in MPTP Induced Mimic of Parkinson's Disease", 2008
  19. Mario Jean-Rejouis, "Synthesis of Biodiesel from Soybean oil using Polymer-Immobilized Heterogeneous Acid Catalyst", 2008
  20. Latia Deravil, "Synthesis of TiO2-Co-Mo nanoparticles catalyst for Cost-effective generation of portable hydrogen from Sodium Borohydride", 2008 2009
  21. Lauren Wilson, "FeCo plated carbon nanotubes for RF applications", 2007 - 2009
  22. Hanna Mochona, "Spectral finger-prints of bacteria samples using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy", 2008 - 2009
  23. Lauren Martin, "Thermal Behavior of Electroless CNT-FeCo Composite in Simulated Body Fluid in Applied RF Magnetic Field", 2009
  24. Shannon Anderson, "Hydrogen generation by the hydrolysis of NaBH4 using electroless Ni-Mo catalyst", 2008 2010
  25. Adisu Samuel, "Effect of annealing on the electroless Ni catalysis of the hydrolysis of sodium borohydride", 2008 2009
  26. Marline Daceus, "Use of zero-valent metal nanoparticles for waste treatment", 2008 -2010
  27. Britney Thompson, "Bio-hydrogen generation from simple sugar", 2009
  28. Velencia Witherspoon, "Ultracapacitor Modeling", 2009
  29. Omitope Taylor, "Methanol-tolerant oxygen Electrocatalysts", 2009 2010
  30. Janika Shannon, "Synthesis and characterization of fuel cell catalyst", 201
  31. Jasmine Alexander, "Biomedical Applications of Metal Nanoparticles: Dopamine Electrochemistry", 2010
  32. Shakira N. El-Hout, "The Enhancement Effects of Ethanol in Alkaline Solution on the Oxidation of Electroless Co and Ni-Mo Metal Catalysts", 2011
  33. Omitope Taylor, "Effect of Ethanol Concentration on the Oxidation of Two-Metal Catalysts", 2012
  34. Jamal Stephens, "Analysis of Electroless Co-Mn Oxide-Based Supercapacitor", Summer 2012