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Research related:
Leon van Dommelen's PhD thesis (scans).
Shankar Subramaniam's PhD thesis.
Bouncing vortices.
Contributions to Brenner's molecular dynamics code.

Teaching and outreach:
Quantum Mechanics for Engineers.
The Real Partial Differential Equations.
Primer on aircraft stalls.
Pictures of initial separation.
Rant on vortex lines.
Thermo study aids.
Views on a joint/differentiated College of Engineering.

Asku, a Swiss Army knife for scripts.
L2h, an easy-to-use LaTeX shell with web page generation, intelligent LaTeX help, and much more.
LaTeX2HTML-FU, contains an extensive list of LaTeX2HTML problems and solutions
LaTeX2HTML manual, [grey], [frames]

Computer use:
Linux on a Fujitsu Lifebook S6520
Scripts for backing up a Linux system
Convert g77 Fortran to gfortran