I will freely quote all E-mail send to me to third parties. Any decision to forward E-mail to a third party will be made according to my own judgement only. E-mailing me indicates consent of those terms.

Where I deem it prudent, I will remove social security numbers from quoted messages and rewrite E-mail addresses to foil automatic E-mail address harvesting.

Additional Explanations if This is Not Clear to You

As far as E-mail to any of my addresses is concerned, (with the exception noted below), E-mail privacy means that no person reads the e-mail without the approval of the sender OR the recipient.

An E-mail is not a telephone call where you need to answer on the spot. You can check the e-mail before sending it out, or direct it to the appropriate person, instead of sending out mistaken, junk and/or deliberately false info.

In addition, the set up of any e-mail reader includes forwarding capabilities. You know that when you send the e-mail: there is no requirement for the recipient to take additional steps such as secretly putting in a line tap, or adding a tape recorder that may be unexpected to the (very stupid) telephone calller.

If you have

do not send them to me. I already get enough junk E-mail. If it is not worth your time to make sure the information you send is good, it is not worth my time to read it and figure out that it is false.

I am sick and tired of people sending me highly questionable e-mail and then attacking me when I verify it, using the subterfuge of "e-mail privacy". (Without even bothering to deny that the e-mail was fraudulent.)


If you truly believe you must send me a message that is for my eyes only, first check that your message does not in any way violate the letter or the spirit of Florida's Sunshine Law

Then send the message to Expect me to take steps to verify the contents of your message that do not involve quoting the message.