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Welcome fellow students, professionals, and sponsors! You've reached the website for Society of Automotive Engineers at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering. If you look around you'll find plenty of helpful links as well as our official events calendar. If you have any questions or comments head over to the Contact Us page to email the club directly.

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Check it out! FSU interviewed our Baja Racing Team about its competition participation. Watch the video to hear from some of our officers and members about their involvement, or you can read about the interview here.

Club Updates

Spring semester is here! Club members continue to work on improving our Baja builds and designing a vehicle for the Formula race. Check out our news page for more in-depth articles on anything you might have missed and club updates on events and projects.

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Member Spotlight

We would like to thank and congratulate SAE member Ralph Scott. Ralph graduated this past May from the mechanical engineering program at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering. He has been a fantastic team member of our Baja Racing Team and drove the Baja vehicle for 2 competitions. Ralph is hoping to work in either automotive or aerospace engineering. While we are sorry to see him go, we wish him luck in his future ventures!
"Being a member in SAE allows you to harness all of the tools and knowledge you have gained in your classes and put it towards a physical project. Also, working with your other SAE team members on what ever the task at hand is forces you to build teamwork skills, which will become invaluable in the workplace. All of this culminates in a fantastic club that is full of great experiences and die hard team members." - Ralph Scott