Retaining Engineers Through Research Entrepreneurship and Advanced-materials Training (RETREAT)

Research Projects

The RETREAT research projects will provide students with an opportunity to participate in ongoing research programs in the areas of composite materials, smart sensors and materials manufacturing. Students will work closely with faculty and graduate students and gain hands on experience with advanced techniques in demand in the field today. The following are summer 2016 projects and similar project topics will be proposed for summer 2017.

Title Faculty Mentor(s) REU Fellow

Improving Energy Mitigation of Thermoplastic Composites Through Novel Architecture

Dr. Okenwa Okoli

Yourri Dessureault

Brandon Johnson

Autonomous - Additive Manufacturing for Printing Scale-Up

Dr. Tarik Dickens

Jolie Frketic

Seam Psulkowski

Quantification of Pain Relief by Smart Prosthesis

Dr. Changchun Zeng

Xiaolin Wang

Pramith Devulapalli

Microstructure and Failure Mode Analysis of CNT/CF Hybrid Composites

Dr. Ayou Hao

Songlin Zhang

Mary Kate Holleran

Laser Processing for Carbon Fiber Manufacturing

Dr. Mei Zhang

Esther Daniels

Alayna Huckleby

Gait Data Modeling for Personalized Manufacturing of Lower-limb Orthoses

Dr. Hui Wang

Jie Ren

Isabella Martinez

Roll to Roll Construction Device of Flexible Solar Cell Units

Dr. Okenwa Okoli

Ryan Adams

Derek Guillen

Design and Analysis of Bioengineering Systems

Dr. Hui Wang
Dr. Abhishek Shrivastava

Zhengqian Jiang

Kristi Folds

Manufacturing of Large Area, Flexible LED Panels Based on Halide Perovskites

Dr. Zhibin Yu

Ganesh Bade

Melissa Davis

Transport Property Characterization and Modeling of CNT/CF Hybrid Composites

Dr. Richard Liang

Nam Nguyen

Melissa Vahid