CISCOR's Vision

The vision of the Center for Intelligent Systems, Control, and Robotics (CISCOR) is to use state-of-the-art technology to develop practical solutions to problems in systems, control and robotics for applications in industry and government.

CISCOR represents a cooperative approach for conducting interdisciplinary research in the automated systems area across two departments (Mechanical and Electrical & Computer) in the College of Engineering and the FSU Department of Computer Science. The Center's goal is to provide a means for the State of Florida to achieve national prominence in the area of automated systems and to assume a leadership role in the State of Florida's technology of the future. Established in 2003, CISCOR has become a leading center in Florida for the development and implementation of technologies related to Intelligent Systems, Control, and Robotics.

In 2010 CISCOR was featured in Innovation Nation by Partners in Motion.


Robotics engineer wins NSF Career Award

Florida State University mechanical Engineering professor, Dr. Clark, has received a highly competitive grant from the National Science Foundation to build, faster, more agile robots to both run and climb across several different terrains.... Click here to read more and see the video